About Kayleen Galvan, NP

I take a holistic approach in treating my patients; I firmly believe that each treatment plan should be as unique as the patient it is created for! I also believe that a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health cannot be separated from one’s physical health.  I seek to treat the whole person in front of me, and work with my patients so they feel vibrant, healthy, and better than ever! 

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I remember feeling overwhelmed in my own health journey, and I was especially “stuck” in my struggle to lose weight.

I felt like I was doing everything “right” by conventional wisdom, and yet the scale wouldn’t budge!  My health challenges piqued my interest in the role of integrative medicine in weight loss and hormonal health and has given me great empathy for anyone struggling to maintain a healthy weight! It brings me joy to be able to work alongside Rachel Bonner—who helped me tremendously in my own health journey—and to offer the same hope and help to my own patients that she gave to me!